We have wide ranging vision and phenomenal plans. We understand the scope and limits of this Samithy by the people, for the people. We intend to develop an atmosphere of love beyond religion, passion for people, especially poor and downtrodden. Encourage a broader sense of morality in the community, create an atmosphere of mutual help and love.The  Samithy intend to develop institutions of care like clinics, nursing homes, elderly care homes, an institute for the orphaned children of all religions.The trust also envisions educational institutes where the value of job oriented and practical education will be provided at no or minimal cost to the deserving. No institution can be grown and maintained by charity alone. We also recognizes the need for having a sound financial basis, hence we will try to promote commerce and industry and invest in local plans within the ethical code of the Samithy. 

Samithy has been providing  much needed community assistance for the last many years. Some of our activities are as follows.

1 Helping hand to the socially downtrodden

2 Helping economically weaker children in education

3 Helping to find out a job for a day to day living for the unemployed youth.Samithy intend to offer job work shops by the leaders in industry and commerce

4 Helping the families of all faith and religion in times of death, by taking care of  the entire funeral arrangements including notifying the relatives , arranging for the cremation/burial. This has been the most rewarding activity so far which has been most useful to the community. Samithy and the members truly become your family in time of need and grief. We thank all the community in wholeheartedly participating and making this work. We intend to extend this to the dying or chronically sick by offering palliative care services

5 Helping the poor to meet wedding arrangements for family members

6  By conducting multiple medical clinics involving many specialists, primary care doctors, holistic medicine etc. We intend to bring this to a whole new level by bringing in world class doctors from places like UAE, UK and USA

7 Education is the core principle behind upward mobility in any community.We recognize this need on a charitable and non profit basis. We plan tot dedicate our will, commitment and resources towards establishing institutions of excellence under the samithy


Updated on: 01 Jul 2014